What is Sampler?

Sampler is a tool to help fashion and footwear design teams iterate on their existing products. We make it easy to try out new materials, colour combinations, and fabrics. New product specs delivered in seconds, not hours.


How does it work?

We use your existing product shots of each style you require to create an editable product with our app. You are then able to upload and change the different component parts to the product to see exactly how your product will look. You can upload new colours and fabrics in seconds, to keep your design process slick and easy!


Sound Good?

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Let's Talk About Pricing

Got questions about pricing? See below or email us here if you need something a little different!


£100 /month

+ £50 /extra style

Up to 2 product styles

Unlimited Materials

Material Uploads every 24 hrs

Multiple Views

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£250 /month

+ £50 /extra style

Instant Material Uploads

Up to 5 product styles

Unlimited Materials

Unlimited product duplications

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