Shoesie goes Live!

This week, we're really excited to be launching Shoesie with our first brand Po-Zu. After a few weeks testing and fixing a few bugs with Shoesie we are happy to be launching our open beta service.

Po-Zu will be using Shoesie with their iconic Brisk style which uses innovation not only in the way it is retailed through customisation, but with the materials used. Po-Zu have always been at the forefront of footwear innovation and use a unique footbed made from a substance called Coir. Check out more on their footbed innovation here.

Further to this launch with Shoesie we were excited to speak with Stylus about our technology and they featured us on their blog to highlight exactly what we're doing. 

If you'd like to take a deeper look into how the Shoesie technology works, be sure to contact us for a demo here. 

Carl Stratton